Whatever solution we develop or service we provide, we always have our clients in mind. We always charge our actions with customer care and desire to bring value. The essence of our work is to boost the efficiency of customers' business. Customer needs are the top priority to us.

From the day of its foundation, the company has being known for uncompromising high standards. Guided by a well-known rule “Treat people the way you want to be treated”, we value time of every person and appreciate to be treated the same way in response.

People work with our products and services every day. Every month dozens of new companies start working with our solutions. High quality service is the only way forward, this is why we always conduct ourselves in a professional manner, ensuring we deliver consistent success to our customers.

We do not ask “how can we do what is expected?” but rather “how can we exceed expectations?” Whenever a client proposes a request, we always try to give more than expected.

It’s in our DNA to spread the seed of knowledge and see new ideas sprout forth from a thought that we planted. Experience and knowledge of Creatio team is the most valuable asset of the company!

We analyze each customer request and find ways to introduce positive new ideas. We drive away a routine way of thinking. We need innovation on a daily basis.

We plan our results, not our schedule. The only thing that matters to us is a completed task. To this end, a result is a resolved customer issue or implemented change request instead of vague ‘received call’ or hazy ‘chat with customer’.

We are individuals who always try to think outside the box, providing fresh ideas and innovations. We always strive to find the best possible solution to any challenge we face.

We take ownership of any issues that may arise and never use the phrase “not my problem.” We recognize and identify any issues that could crop up down the line, making sure they are resolved proactively before they turn into problems.

These rules motivate employees to be a part of continuous improvement process and find new ways to make customers even happier.